Help! The Webalizer

We Need Your Help!

Once again, the Webalizer is looking for a new home. Our current provider has indicated that they can no longer provide us space for the main Webalizer server, so we are on the hunt for suitable alternatives. Since we already have a server setup and running, the ideal solution would be someone willing to give us an internet connection and a couple of IP addresses at a data center somewhere in North Central Florida to co-locate in. Of course a dedicated or virtual server would also work as well; just as long as we can access it via a secure channel. Requirements are minimal; a couple hundred meg of disk space for the files, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 200M of network traffic a day (combined web, ftp, DNS and mail), with small spikes when new releases are announced.

If you think you can help us out, or know of someone who can, please contact us at:

Thank You!

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